Town of East Millinocket 53 Main Street East Millinocket, ME 04430 Tel: 207-746-3376 Fax: 207-746-3550

Information regarding Town Services - UPDATED 05/15

March 18, 2020


To:  The Citizens of East Millinocket

Fr:   Angela Cote, Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen

Re:  Precautions for Covid-19 Virus


In an effort to limit exposure and transmission of COVID-19, the Town of East Millinocket is taking several precautionary steps in accordance with the CDC’s social-distancing recommendations.


Effective 3/18/2020 all town facilities will be closed to the public with the exception of the Transfer Station.  Employees will be continuing to work and we ask that you utilize the information below to guide you.  A Town Office employee will be available during regular business hours to answer any questions you may have and to assist you however possible in completing your transactions.  To reach the Town Office, please call 746-3551 or 746-3376 Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. 


The Transfer Station will continue to be open on scheduled days (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), but we will instruct our employees not to assist in the unloading of trash. 


Cooperation from the community and citizens is essential to help us with this effort. The following list explains ways that you can help with this effort:


Town Office:

  • Closed to public traffic, but staff will work.
  • Town Office # 746-3351 or 746-3376.
  • Town Office Fax # 746-3550
  • Town Website:
  • Use drop box outside Town Office for payments.
  • Utilize online rapid renewal at for trailer and vehicle re-registrations. You can also do this by visiting www.eastmillinocket.orgWe are now completing registrations by mail.  Please contact 746-3376 to make arrangements.
  • Utilize inland fisheries and wildlife online services at to renew ATV registrations and hunting/fishing licenses. You can also do this by visiting
  • To request birth, death or marriage information/records call the town office at 746-3551 or email the Deputy Town Clerk, Melissa McDunnah at
  • Real estate questions can be answered via email, by Angela Cote by calling 447-4081 or emailing  Tax cards and other information can easily be emailed to you.
  • Tax payment inquiries can be answered via phone and email, and directed to Melissa McDunnah, 746-3351 or  




General Assistance:

  • All applications to be completed by phone.  Please call 447-4081
  • After Hours & Weekends:  746-3555



  • Library will process pick up requests.  Please call 746-3554.


Code Enforcement:



  • All Recreation Department activities are currently suspended until further notice. Questions can be answered by Jody Nelson or Troy Bouchard at 746-3553.  They can also be reached by e-mail at or


Public Safety:

  • Emergency, please call 911
  • Access to buildings will be closed except for emergency needs.
  • All non-emergency such as burn permits or police reports, please call 746-3555.


Public Works:

  • Access to building will be closed.  Call 746-3551.
  • After hours, please call 746-3555.


Transfer Station:

  • Remain open.
  • Social distancing for all personnel, wear masks and gloves. 
  • No assist helping to unload trash or other items.


Wastewater Treatment/Waterworks:

  • Closed to all public access.
  • Will take all precautions in doing their work.



  • Davis Pharmacy 746-3721.  Davis Pharmacy will deliver, but please only use if absolutely necessary.



  • Ellis Family Market 746-5019.  Ellis Family Market will deliver, but please only use if absolutely necessary.