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Fees & Licenses

Vehicle Registration

Please have the following items to register your vehicle:

Dealer Sales: Title Application(Blue)
Sales Tax (Green)
Window Sticker from Vehicle (if new)
Proof of Insurance
Casual Sales: Old Title*
Bill of Sale
Proof of Insurance
*Maine Requires Title for any vehicle 1995+

All-Terrain Vehicles Registrations

Agent Fee $1 for renew/duplicates and $2 for new registration/rollovers/transfers.

Dealer Sales: Need sales Tax Paper(green)
Casual Sales: Need copy of registration or year/make/model/serial number and a bill of sale.
Resident $33
Non-resident $68

Snowmobile Registrations

Resident $46
Non-resident $100

Boat Registrations

Fees do not include agent fees.

Watercraft equipped with a motor with the following horsepower rating:

10 or less $26**
Greater than 10 but less than 50 $31**
Greater than 50 but less than 115 $37**
Greater than 115 $45**
Personal Watercraft $45**
Duplicate Stickers & Reg $2
Duplicate Registration $1
Transfer Registration $4

Registration fees for operating on inland waters include a $10 fee for invasive species prevention and control.

**Excise tax is added to each registration. This amount is based on the length of the boat/size of motor and age of the boat.

Watercraft registrations are issued for a specific calendar year and are valid through December 31 of the year issued.

Agents may charge a fee of $1 for renewals/duplicate and $2 for a new registration/rollover/transfers.

Dog Licenses

All dogs must be licensed by January 31 of each year.

Current Rabies Certificate and Spay/Neuter Certificate (if Applicable) required for Licensing.

Not Spayed or Neutered Fee $11
Spayed or Neutered Fee $6

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

Certified Copy of Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate $15
Marriage License* $40

*There is no waiting period or blood test required for a marriage license.

Land Use Fee Schedule


Permit Residential Commercial Industrial
1-500 sq. feet $15 $20 $30
501-1000 sq. feet $25 $50 $75
1001 sq. feet and up $.02 per sq. ft $.02 per sq. ft $.02 per sq. ft


1' from lot line Max. height 6' $15 $20 $30


Single Phase $25 $25 $25
3 Phase N/A $75 $75


Permit Fee is per state code.

Outdoor Wood Boiler

N/A $25 $25 $25

Occupancy Permit

New or Change $20 $20 $20

Hunting & Fishing Licenses


Superpack* $201
(16 & older)
Hunting(16 & older) $27
Combination Fishing & Hunting $43
Combination Fishing & Archery $43
1 Day (24 Hour) Fishing $11
Serviceman Hunting and Fishing $3
Serviceman Dependent Hunting $10
Serviceman Dependent Fishing $10
Serviceman Dependent Fishing and Hunting $20
Duplicate $2
Bear Permit $27
Small Game Hunting $15
Hunting $115
Small Game Hunting $75
3-day Small Game $50
Archery $75
Bear Permit $74
Combination Fishing and Hunting $150
Fishing $64
15 Day Fishing $47
7 Day Fishing $43
3 Day Fishing $23
1 Day Fishing $11
Junior Fishing
(12 - 15 Years)
Alien Season Fishing $84
Alien Combination
(Fish and Hunt)
Alien Big Game Hunting $140
Alien Small Game Hunting $80
Duplicate $2

*Superpack License includes: fishing, hunting, archery, muzzleload, migratory waterfowl, pheasant, spring and fall turkey, bear, crossbow, coyote night hunt, three expanded archery permits, 6 free chances in the moose lottery, and entry into a special category in the annual any deer permit lottery.

Supersport: A supersport designation may be purchased for $20, this funds the support landowner and the sport hunter program.

Expiration: Unless otherwise specifically provided, all Licenses expire on December 31 of the calendar year for which they were issued.

Concealed Weapons Permit

Applications can be picked up at the Selectmen's Office. The nonrefundable fee must be paid before the application is processed. This is only for East Millinocket residents.

New Application fee is $35.

Renewal Application is $20.

Permit is good for 4 years.


Cemetery Permits-Contact the Town Office for permit application process and more information.

1. Residents of the Town of East Millinocket may purchase two cemetery lots for burial (advanced preparations) at a cost of $50.00 each.

2. When a death in a family occurs and there has been no advanced preparation for cemetery lot purchase, four lots may be purchased at the time of burial.

3. Individuals who established residency of no less than fifteen years in a lifetime in the Town of East Millinocket and who no longer reside in East Millinocket can purchase cemetery lots just as current residents.

4. East Millinocket cemetery lot owners may upon written request sell back lot(s) at the cost paid by the owner.

5. Fee charged for Full Burial is $200.00.

6. Fee charged for Cremation is $100.00.

7. Weekend Full Burial is $300, Cremation $150.